Hi. My name is James Williams. I've lived in beautiful Charleston, SC for about eight years. Over that time, I've met many fantastic people in town -- especially in the tech, blogger, and social media community.

Brian Muller used to oversee this domain. But he has since left the area; so when the time came to renew the domain name, he went looking for someone else to take it over.

We have so many sources for online community now. I don't know if there's still room for CharlestonWiki.org. But it's such a great domain name that I couldn't stand the thought of it being claimed by a domain scavanger and held for ransom.

So I've taken custodianship of charlestonwiki.org. As you can see, there's not much here. While I love the people in Charleston, I don't get out much: my ability to oversee a wiki pretty much stops at my front door1. I don't know what would be useful or fun to put in this space.

But maybe you do. Maybe you want to try to build a kick-ass community blog2 or a forum. Maybe you want to build a magazine to showcase all of the amazing stuff our local community does.

If you have great ideas, we should talk. We could work together or I could transfer the domain to you3 and let it be your problem. Domain names are a precious resource and I'd hate to see a great one like this go to waste.

I'm on Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus or you could just send me an . This domain is technically in my name but I don't own it. I'm just keeping it safe for now.

  1. But I could write a really great article about the contents of my living room.

  2. A blog at a wiki address? Sure. Why not!

  3. I've renewed the domain through April of 2015, so you'd have some time before making a cash investment.